Falling through the air, I am reaching for the one
You circle around my head as there's circles around the
Set me free

Floating in my mind, are my senses going numb?
Today our heart are free: In this moment night is one
Please set me free

What is meant to be is exactly what it seems
You always speak to me but the silence sets me free
Set me free

Round and round we go
Am I just a dream?
Around we go again
Water cleanses deep

Around, around we go
Silence sets me free
Around we go again

I am trapped inside a glass you are staring back at me
You know you've cut my heart but the water cleanses
Set me free

Loneliness is here, it's been waiting all the time
The fantasy is lost, walking to a different time
Set me free

Slipping through my hands are my memories of you
Am I just a dream?
Tell me is it really true
Set me free
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Circles Lyrics

Blue Stone – Circles Lyrics

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