I live in the night of the ciry of death,
There's no wrong and no right.

Prosecuting the poor to die
As the rich walk away.

While the innocent victim betrayed
Shocked to death in his cage,
The only justice is how much you pay.

Ride to the light over the edge
Fight for your right only to die.

We all live for an angel who's
Fallen with vengeance and rage.
There is no stopping a prophecy
That controls you and throws you away.


There is no denying the demons
Subsiding controlling the system
And digging in deep to mind.

The genocide is inevitable
I've got to find an escape.
I see the hangman that waits for us all

As time ticks so slowly away.
A man alone riding into the wind
Rinding to no one knows where.

A billion souls screaming out in the night
In a place where we all cease to care.


Ride to live.
Live to die.
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Ride To Death Lyrics

Bloodlust – Ride To Death Lyrics

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