Way past dusk, the sky is fallin'
Far off you can see it comin'
Myst creepin' in, starts to rise,
Visions gone we're stricken blind.

What can we do to cut through the haze?
Rats trapped in a deadly maze,
We can't see the through the fog!
It's blanketing the sky
We can't see the through the fog!
Its shrouding the black night...

Dwindling down one by one,
Most of them last, most are gone,
Gotta get outta the woods,
Mother nature's up to no good.
Way past dusk the sky is fallin'
It's up to me, ain't no runnin'
Thickening myst starts to breathe,
Now the fog is after me...
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The Fog Lyrics

Blitzkid – The Fog Lyrics