when u fucked grandpa did he tell you that he loved you? did he hold you till
The sun did rise and did he look into your eyes and ask him to felate him and
Stick a finger or two in his ass

When u fucked grandpa did he kiss you soft and tender ?..did he tie your hands
Behind your head and wuz it on your mothers bed

He seems like a total asshole granpda is a total fucking asshole...who would
Ever want a dirty greesy finger in his ass?.......he rubbs his dick in broken

Mark screaming in the back ground:
This is fucking stupid man i cant belive you have sex with your own grandpa i
Mean you guys are related whats he gonna do take out his faulse teeth and lay
Them on the side of your fat man u like to fuck him in the butt
Who would come in and watch and masturbate and come all over the place this is
Stupid i hate you all im not even gonna have sex with my own mother tonight man
This is stupid.......i hate you
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Grandpa's Song Lyrics

Blink 182 – Grandpa's Song Lyrics