No regrets
Everything will work out fine
We'll hold our breaths
Wait for another sign
I've tasted
Your bittersweet faith
My heart aches for you
I'm taking
A moment to say
Everything I do.. (I do, do, do)
I do it for you

(I do it all for you)

Lay your sweet
Tears across my broken dream
Don't you speak
A word about the past
You'll need more than I'll ever give
I can't lie to you
I love you
My angel, my sin
Everything I do.. (I do, do, do)
I do for you

(I do it all for you)


Are we moving in the right direction?
What is fate if fate's immersed in shame?
A high price for the beauty of perfection
I go when all I want to do is stay

Oh (I do for you)
Oh (I do it all for you)
Anything, I do it all for you
Anything for you
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Bittersweet Faith Lyrics

Bittersweet – Bittersweet Faith Lyrics

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