Gonna light a fire, of fury up
Then I'll say the prayers
Don't no one never told
Then how to live here,
The name of those peoples
The stones in the meadows
The language they speak
How I wanna walk the ground with
My people
Raise up a town with
My people

Gonna walk a wild path
Gonna learn it the best way I can
From this day until my last
Heart is open as my hands
Kiwi wood beneath my room
Pills of water from my stream
Always written on my boat
Through this life and in between

I wanna walk the ground with
My people
In a single sound with my people

If I stumble on my trip
I'll limp a while till I'm strong
Silently I'll catch my breath
Listen to the subtle songs
In this moving world of ours
Hear the vulture in his nest
Singing with the stars and flowers
There's no such things as loneliness

I wanna walk the ground with
My people
Gather around with my people
Feel the spirits around,
My people
Then lay me down, with my people
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My People Lyrics