She pasted out at my parents dinner (You got to love her)
She screamed at my dad that I'm a winner (She really digs me)
She's scared the house might fall on us (while were sleeping)
She's scared that we are going nuts (that's why I'm thinking)


She takes pot to come down
Yeah coke for the confedience
All kinds a pills if she had the money she would get them
Huffers for a challenge
Acid for the love of it
And drinking just for fun

My girlfriends on drugs(3 times)
Her brain is going, going, going, going, gone

She swears that cat is stealing our money (you got to love her)
When she sees a cop she will burst out laughing (shes going crazy)
When I put her to bed she says thank you superman (I think I like it)
She showed up at my work on something... she screamed (I'm a DAISY)



{CHORUS}-3 times
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My Girlfriend's On Drugs Lyrics

Big D & The Kids Table – My Girlfriend's On Drugs Lyrics