You scream and you run as the fumes pass you by
The blackened dead air leaves you breathless and choking
Trapped in the halls with your desperate fear
Everyone surrounding you is slowly suffering

Severed remains, eyes are straining
Skin is ripping, flames are spreading
Your screams of pain, unbearing weight
There is no time to escape
Every body burns

Run as fast as you can you won't make it
Sit there and take it, it's all that you can do now

Smoke is filling in the air with flames that burn away despair
This fire nightmare will not end
This is your grave because you will just burn alive
It's no suprise to me

Screaming, and suffer on this nightfall
Burn away before me
I will make you scream and suffer as you learn that every body will just burn

Every body burns
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Every Body Burns Lyrics

Beverly Hellfire – Every Body Burns Lyrics

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