The road is dry I'm fucking delirious right now
Life goes on glorious evening of nodding and jumping starts
I need to make a personal dance party.
The brain works very weird at this hour
Not the best time for lyrics I suppose keep writing, keep dreaming.

Nope, can't be awake and dream, drift in and out, in and out.

Eye motions in out heat lightning,
Scares us both the only two people awake at this fucking hour
I won't remember this in the morning at least I wrote this all down
Please pick the right song the one
That keeps the eyes wide creepy yes,
Creepy the idea of control controlling death
With alertness when is the fucking sun coming up.

Then it all changes, same scenery
But sun involved shouldn't be much different
Alaska the brain works very weird at this hour.
Tick tock tick tock the rain is pouring now wide awake
At least for now nature can be the death of me
A thing we'll never overcome in out in out.
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Alaska Lyrics

Between The Buried And Me – Alaska Lyrics

Songwriters: Cartland Blake Richardson, Daniel Lanford Briggs, Paul Andrew Waggoner, Robert Dustin Waring, Thomas Giles Rogers
Alaska lyrics © Another Victory Publishing

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