Sometimes you tend to take the bark off
See what's left inside
Don't tell me, you'll spoil the whole surprise

And I wonder why you call this nowhere
And why d'you tell me not to go there
Would you jump into defenses, if I do?
And as I ponder over this thing nowhere
And the face we disagree, well, who cares
And to hell with common senses, they just won't do

You sure set out to tame my feelings
You bragged, you'd screw them all
Now why d'you do that
Don't give the disenfranchised ceilings
It'll drive them up the wall
Yeah and guess who blew it

For the source of every comprehension
Is not the act, it's just the mere intention
I suppose that I forgot to mention that to you

And I guess that's what it is about me
That makes you feel you're better off without me
'Cause you never would allow me to choose my rows
And as I ponder over this thing nowhere
A little scared of what I'm gonna find there
But let's take that ride and see how far it goes
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This Thing Nowhere Lyrics

Bettie Serveert – This Thing Nowhere Lyrics

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