Where are you (where are you)Night is day and day is nightWhere are you (where are you)Need you girl you’re not in sightOur love would grow , but you leave and I knowThat you don’t love me (where are you)I need you girl ,you’re not in sightI told you (I told you)I was never coming back -ahYou told me (you told me)You would give my love the sack-ahNow as I fly , you won’t tell me goodbye’cause you don’t love me (where are you)Now you give my love the sack-ahNow as my heart lies in pieces of eightYou were a part of my love but too lateI love you (I love you)This I think that you should knowI’ll be blue (I’ll be blue)You are still ’cause I mustI’d like to stay but I know you won’t playAnd see things my way (where are you)You are still ’cause I must goYou are still ’cause I mustI must go (where are you )
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Where Are You Lyrics

Bee Gees – Where Are You Lyrics