Written by r&m gibb/r. lawrenceVerse 1With these words we speak of loveIt’s hard for us to endIt’s all a fallacyThat people do pretendRelease 1The changes that I seeI tremble and I shakeWere down in historyFor only one mistakeChorusSo far so goodSo far so goodTwentieth century , sole survivorSo far so goodNo neighbourhoodI can’t escape your fireVerse 2I won’t be far awayDon’t worry about the nightAnd I will take awayThe trouble in your lifeRelease 2When danger followsIt will take you by surpriseNo desert islandYou can run to when you hideChorusBridgeIt’s such a tragedyTo fight for what we cannot winAnd all our golden days are gone forever
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So Far So Good Lyrics