Verse 1Sunday mornin’ , it’s a quarter to fiveYou keep on talkin’ like your love is a prizeBird in flight , spreadin’ her wingsSittin’ pretty in a city of sinRelease 1I don’t mind , adventure with a strangerTrouble deep at the scene of the crimeTestify , that I’m not superstitiousIt’s tough enough , to find out why youChorusRadiate ... you bait your love with moneyCelebrate ... a body to beholdGenerate ... a state of wild emotionDon’t waste your money , my love is not for saleVerse 2Funny faces in the shadows of nightPain and pleasure is your only disguiseRadiate , your fate’s on the fireStay awake , love is a lieRelease 2In the street , life is your creationTrouble deep if you wake up on your ownI’m a slave to sweet investigationIt’s tough enough to find out why youChorusBreakChorus 3 times to fade
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Radiate Lyrics