Have I ever been here beforeI remember hearing your name , sirIf my conversation lacks discretionIt’s the same old foolish gameDid I ever give you my keyDid you ever walk through my door , sirYou may not be one of my possessionsBut I need you more and moreI finally acquired what other people live onI always took what I could findBut on that lucky nightI found me loving youAnd the best thing you can doIs to fall in love withI can feel the glow when we kissI don’t have the strength to resist youYou must have lit a fire in my heart’cos I need you more and moreI’m resting in your armsAnd dancing in the moonlightMy emotions are on displayAnd if I don’t see your faceOr feel you in my fingersI would have to tryTo get by with someone likeYou relax while I make you warmAnd into your trap I will fall , sirI gave my last positionOn the chance to see you moreTo love you more and more and more
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