I.......If I fall in love , it’s only with youAnd if I call for love, it’s got to be trueBut if you fail . to keep it a tieThen I’ll know, it’s only a lieAnd I’ll know what to doOh, I’ll know what to doIf you wear my ring , you wear it for meYou’ve got to wear that thing indefinitelyAnd if you’re bad , even just for a whileI’ll be sad , then I’ll push you behind’cause I know what to doOh I know what to doI.......I am a man of words, the few words I sayIf you play my game , you play it my wayIf you don’t , one look in your eyeAnd I’ll know, you’re telling me liesAnd I’ll know what to doI know what to doI.....Oh I’ll know what to doOh I’ll know what to do
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I’ll Know What To Do Lyrics

Bee Gees – I’ll Know What To Do Lyrics