Ah......Well, I been working up a fever trying toStraighten up the mess in my mind about this placeI can’t contain myself anymoreCan’t you see it’s written all over my faceWhy don’t you get on your feetIt’s about time you got to thinkWhat ever happened to peaceWell open your eyes and you’ll see children laughing,Voices singin’ ,hearts a-beatin’ ah.....Your always talkin’ right and talkin aboutThe world and it’s corruption and moral decayBut what you gonna do about it , nothing ,’cause you’re more like children then children while they playWhy you’re so clean through and through you won’t shake handsWith a negro who’s maybe cleaner then youWell listen around and you’ll hear children laughin’ ,Voices singin’ , hearts a-beatin’ like they always doSo what’s wrong with you , ah...You’re so blown up with anger about the worldYou write the songs aboutYet you don’t even know your neighbors nameNow you want to go the the moon and live thereWhen you know it’ll only end up the sameHow can he give you any gratitude,With your endless sickenin’ attitudeYou strive to get aheadBut you leave each other deadCan’t you see , children laughin’ ,Voices singin’ , hearts beatin’ like they always doSo what’s wrong with you , ah...Children laughin’ , voices singin’ hearts beatin’Children laughin’ , voices singin , (fade)
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And The Children Laughing Lyrics

Bee Gees – And The Children Laughing Lyrics

Songwriters: GIBB, BARRY
And The Children Laughing lyrics © Warner/Chappell Music, Inc.

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