Lay a sheet over the face of the picture
Off yellow paper form a new name
Make it east of misissippi and you're a hero
Picket lines of fence

Think ahead
My lungs leapt in my throat
To choke and move the lever now
My hands are shaking
And my eyes are shaking
Set up

A single camera
A speckled line
To defend the time when
You were singled out to die
Just like the romans
It's spread out
Over 1,000 nautical miles
There's a crack in your window
There's a crack in your life

If this rolls over
To knock the spit out of my eyes
The machines calling you
To be a first rate army
I've tasted blood
I've tasted wine and sweat and blood

Think ahead
My lung leapt in my throat
Pull that lever now
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Buses/no Buses Lyrics

Bear Vs. Shark – Buses/no Buses Lyrics