(all right.)Here I stand...(there you go.)...head in hand...(denny!)...hide your tears...(let him sing it.)(oh!)(he knows it better than I do.)Ooom pom pom(king arthur!)Here I stand, head in handTurn my face to the wallIf she’s gone I can’t go onFeeling two foot small(shhhhhhhhh!)(this is great!)Everywhere people stareEach and every dayI can see them laugh at meAnd I hear them say(go!)Hey! (*laughter*) you’ve got to hide your love awayHey! (*laughter*) you’ve got to hide your love away(hey hey.)How can I even try? I can never winHear them, see themIn the state I’m in(be quiet.)How could she say to meLove will find a wayGather round, all you clownsLet me hear you say(hey!)(*laughter*)Hey, you’ve got to hide your love awayHey, you’ve got to hide your love awayDo do doooo do-do-doDoo bum bum do doDo do dooo doDooo do-do-doDo do do-do do do doooooo(wow, that was good.)(wow, that’s great!)(that was really good.)Hey! somebody hid my teeth away(just call that number...)Hey! somebody hid my teeth away(everly brothers.)(hey!)(what’s the best everly brothers song? besides, ah...)(go.)(bird dog.)(who’s gonna fool with it? )(you’re gonna fool with it. you and me.)(you shouldn’t fool with an everly brothers song--you should do it right.)(just like we fooled with wake up little susie.)(no, ah, devoted to you.)(devoted to you. well, carl, do you know the guitar part? )(yeah.)(you must know the guitar part.)(here, I’ve got it right here.)(he’s gotta go check the [...] now.)(*lots of chatter and laughter*)(that’s it!)(how are you gonna sing a slow song like that one if nobody will shut up? )(hey, be quiet will ya? )(just die your hair bright red.)(hey, shh, just be quiet and let us sing it.)(just shut up for a little while because brian and I are gonna sing it.)(if you don’t know it, then shut up and go home!)(yes! *laugh*)
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You’ve Got To Hide Your Love Away Lyrics

Beach Boys – You’ve Got To Hide Your Love Away Lyrics

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