She belongs there, left with her libertyNever known as a non-believerShe laughs and stays in theWon- won- wonderfulShe knew how to gather the forest whenGod reached softly and moved her bodyOne golden locket quite youngAnd loving her mother and fatherFarther down the path was a mysteryThrough the recess the chalk and numbersA boy bumped into herWon- won- won- wonderfulNa na na na na na naHey bobba reba----everybody shouldWa bobba leeJust start collectingHey bobba rebaOh yeahWa bobba leeKept a-comin onHey bobbaJust to be a cool guyHey bobbaHe bobba rebaDon’t think you’re godHe bobba rebaVibrationsGo for a rideWa bobba leeJust go for aHe bobba rebaJust keep goinWa bobba leeSaid itJust keep goin’Hey bobbaAll you gotta do isHey bobbaCool it vibrationsHe bobba rebaAh just gotta do it vibrateLa laBa ba ba ba ba ba ba ba baShe’ll return in love with her libertyNever known as a non-believerShe’ll smile and thank godFor one won- won- wonderfulNa na na na na na na
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Wonderful Lyrics

Beach Boys – Wonderful Lyrics

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