When girls get togetherThey like to talk about their latest loveAnd their description seems somehow to fit just like a gloveWhen girls get togetherThey don’t waste time on things llike weather and stuffThey all just play around and never seem to discuss it enoughThis must have been going on prehistoryThey may not ever solve the mysteryBut they’ll go talk until eternityWhen girls get togetherAnd bring up father or brother or men of their livesIt means so much if she’s your sister or your mother or your lovin’ wifeI guess we guys might never really knowHow good we’ve got it but we’d like to showJust how much that we love them soOne bright springtime morningI over heard an elderly lady’s voiceAs I walked by her bench she told her friends of her great lossAfter they’d gone awayThree little girls came skipping through the parkTalking of little boys and getting home before it’s darkWhen girls get together
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When Girls Get Together Lyrics

Beach Boys – When Girls Get Together Lyrics