Yes you areListenI’m in the drivewayHey what are you talking about? I saw you on the lawnHey youHey what? Will you will you get off my front lawn with your car? Ahh shut upWhat are you doin’? Hey he can’t talk to him like thatYeah what’s goin’ on? I’m gonna call the policeHey listenWhat are you talking about? I saw the whole thing and you’re innocentYou keep out of itCome on guys let’s take offWhat are you talking about? Ah why don’t you go arrest me from here? Whew it’s time for me to meditateWhat time is it? How long has it been? Bubbles and ripples floatin’ through my mindI must have drifted awaySince I sat downWhere have I been? The mantra my mantra must have took me awayIt must have took me awayMaharishi gave it to meAnd I wonder if it set me freeAnd it didAnd he’ll tell you sometimes it goes real fast and other times it goesReal slowAny way you do it it’s bound to work I knowOne two three fourTranscendental meditation should be part of your timeIt’s simple it’s easy as making this rhymeTranscendental meditation really works for me goodMore much more than I thought it would
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Tm Song Lyrics

Beach Boys – Tm Song Lyrics