What do the planets mean? and have you ever seenSunrise in the morn? it shined when you were born.Saturn has rings all around itI searched the sky and I found itSolar systemBrings us wisdomThen there’s the milky way, that’s where the angels playYou’ve seen the lover’s moon, looks good in the month of juneNeptune is God of the sea-ea-eaPluto is too far to see-ee-eeSolar systemBrings us wisdomThe constellations are stars that form animalsLeo and capricorn, tooStar bright, star lightMake this wish come true tonightIf mars had life on it I might find my wife on itVenus the goddess of love can thank all the stars aboveMercury’s close to the sunYou’ll see it when day is doneSolar systemBrings us wisdomSolar systemBrings us wisdomSolar
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Solar System Lyrics

Beach Boys – Solar System Lyrics

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