Male ego walking down the streetSees something looking hot and sweetHey, baby would you like to meet me tonight? Male ego is a worldwide gameWe love the ladies more than wealth and fameLots of girls running through my brain tonightMale ego is played by allChasing ladies and having a ballHey girl, I’m gonna give you a call tonightDon’t know why we love to chase those tasty ladiesBetcha boys we’ll be doing it in our eightiesMale ego’s like a game of chanceThe gamble starts with just a glanceYou’re off and running with a new romance tonightMale ego won’t ever quitIt seems to me from where I sitWe oughta do our bit to capture it tonightYou look niceWhat’s your name? You smell niceWhat’s your name? I like youWhat’s your name? I like youWhat’s your name? You look niceWhat’s your name?
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Male Ego Lyrics

Beach Boys – Male Ego Lyrics