I love to see you oh my loveI want to feel you nearMy need is deep insideWell I’ve been rolling on, I’ve been holding on, I’d like you to knowThat it’s been a long, long timeSometimes it’s hard to make it through the daySometimes it’s hard to find my waySometimes it’s hard to notice the changing daysWhen your friends have all goneLeaving this town for another oneThe night is coming roundI can feel the weight of coming down,So afraid to lose this dreamI want you to understand that I’m trying to do the best I canIt’s so easy to lose my wayLay your head where you may find some peaceI’ve been searching for my happinessDon’t you want to wake up and take my love,I’d be happy if you’d let me knowShould I stay or goLet me knowWoke from a dream to see reflections all around me, of new realities,Heavenly angels won’t you guide me please help me to decide the path mostMeant for me.
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Leaving This Town Lyrics

Beach Boys – Leaving This Town Lyrics