It’s been my secret passion to try itin captain cook fashion, I can’t deny iti want to spend my winters on the kona coast in hawaiifor years I saved my pennies and planned itthe great pacific ocean we’ll span iti wanna go surfin’ where I dig it the most, in hawaii(go to hawaii)Hawaiian islands beckon (hawaii)And I’ll be back here someday, I reckonand pretty island girls greet you with a flower leiyou’ll throw it back into the seahopin’ you be comin’ back to hawaiisuntanned beauties are everywherelovely island ladies with long dark hairyou’re sure to find a honey waitin’ for you there in hawaiikani and wahini and wahowalis, tooget a friendly aloha from this mecca to youthey’re the friendliest people anywhere in hawaii(go to hawaii)Welcome to the island mecca. (hawaii)I’ll learn to talk like a local, I betchaand at lahaina look out for shooting starswe’ll watch them fall into the seaand it will be just you and me in hawaiiwinter in the sun and surf would sure be nicein a south sea garden of paradisei wanna spend my summer on the kona coast in hawaii(honolulu, waikiki, do you wanna come along with me?)(waimia up to hanalai, love to take you to the islands today)
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Kona Coast Lyrics