Full sail full sailSteady as you goThe wind will blowSet sail at frisco bayIn a fog cold and grayClear sailing, day after dayFull sail full sailNow the air is stillWe lay adriftCome upon a sea of troubleTill the winds of change shiftMy course is setThere’s no turning backBut there’s no goin’ anywhere yetFull sail full sailWaiting for the wind to blowThe wind will blowDoes the silence of the seaSound warning of a storm aheadWhispers of the breezeStir and disappearTo soft to hearWhat’s in store for meAdventure on the high seasPut the childhood dream to the testFind the measure of the manFollow the sun heading westFull sailSteady as you goSteady as you goFull sailWaiting for the wind to blowThe wind will blowHey full sailMmmm mmmmmHey full sail
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Full Sail Lyrics

Beach Boys – Full Sail Lyrics