I had to fix a lot of things this morning’cause they were so scrambledBut now it’s okayI tell you I’ve got enough to doThe afternoon was filled up with phone callsWhat a hot sticky day, yeah yeah yeahThe air is cooling downTake all the time you needIt’s a lovely nightIf you decide to comeYou’re gonna do it rightDrive for a couple milesYou’ll see a sign and turn leftFor a couple blocksNext is mine, you’ll turn left on a little roadIt’s a bumpy oneYou’ll see a white fenceMove the gate and drive through on the left sideCome right inAnd you’ll find me in my house somewhereKeeping busy while I waitI get a lot of thoughts in the morningI write ’em all downIf it wasn’t for thatI’d forget ’em in a whileAnd lately I’ve been thinking ôbout a good friendI’d like to see more of, yeah yeah yeahI think I’ll make a callI wrote a number downBut I lost itSo I searched through my pocket bookI couldn’t find itSo I sat and concentrated on the numberAnd slowly it came to meSo I dialed itAnd I let it ring a few timesThere was no answerSo I let it ring a little moreStill no answerSo I hung up the telephoneGot some paper and sharpened up a pencilAnd wrote a letter to my friend
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Busy Doin’ Nothin’ Lyrics

Beach Boys – Busy Doin’ Nothin’ Lyrics

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