Well are we on? Yeah well we’re kinda onWe just introduce earl leaf soEarl treeHi figFoodYou get my cheese sandwich? GimmeUh huh they had hamDid you get a malt? Didn’t bring any maltsWhat’d you get us? A burger I mean cheese here’s cheeseOh it’s mineDid you order one? No I’m kiddingWhat’d you get me? Mike I’m gonna take a bite pretty quickOh thank youI would’ve rather had thatNo that’s all wrongHey there’s onions on this so I hope all you guys don’t mindHi earlHere’s some french fries you can all splitOh there’s kosher picklesThank you for the french fries I’m really uhEverything’s gonna be alright marylinThank youOops okay why don’t earl talk to brianYou stepped on my french friesNow after the concert in parisConcert? Which was a blastYou mean that that big ol’ thingThat was a musicallyI loved that conce that was the best concertI had a lot of funIt was greatI thought it was our best show we ever playedIt’s greatI thought it I liked it almostFirst show I only made three mistakesI still haven’t made a mistake my whole careerWe’re keep waiting for you to make a mistake brianWhere was this place we had the lamb wherever it wasOh that banquet we hadYeahYeah they brough in this big ol’ lamb and dennis and I had to sit thereHolding it upYeah but it had it’s you know they cooked the whole lamb and put it’s rawHead back onYeah that’s rightThey didn’t take the they didn’t even burn the hair off itIt’s sitting looking at you likeWell the whole europeanFranch breadOf all of europe the only thing that stuck out in my mind is the breadI you know you know who was a great help was dick reising, capitolRecords representative over there, one of the greatest guys I’ve ever metIn my lifeHe sent us a telegramHey uh hey carlYeah get out of hereWhat uh what was the most fascinating experience you remember? whatWhat’s the highlight? Gee I don’t know I think rome it sticks out in my mind. it was such aBeautiful place I mean the colosseum, I’ve never seen anything like that everLooks like itWhen in romeYou know I love englandThe t. v. work is great thereIf you notice like shindig orhalibalu a lot of these t.v. shows areGoing after itThere’s about six of them nowOr well all of the t. v. shows are all going after this sort of thing
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Bull Session With The ’big Daddy’ Lyrics

Beach Boys – Bull Session With The ’big Daddy’ Lyrics

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