Barbra[speaking]ooh, I like your couch. we never had a couch till I was eight!DoctorYou were telling me about the time you were in summer stock? BarbraYeah! I was...em ...seventeen, and i...i played hortense in theBoy friend.DoctorWas there anything special about that summer? BarbraYeah, I learned how to drive a stick shift.DoctorDid you meet anybody interesting? we are here to work on relationships!BarbraOh...well, there was this boy in the company. I really liked him, but i, I didn’t know how he felt about me. and then one night, he asked me to go over lines with him.DoctorAnd...BarbraAnd we were alone in the empty theater and we only had one copy of the script, so we had to sit very close to each other...DoctorAnd...Barbra[singing]
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Therapist Dialogue #2 Lyrics

Barbra Streisand – Therapist Dialogue #2 Lyrics