Remember when... Online was where you hung the washand a megabyte was a really big noshand if it was a virus you gotyou went to the doctor and got a shot, uhhh. Internet or interfacedownload, upload, databasepixel, shmixle, cyber speakthey may as well be speaking greek! Once... A floppy disk meant you had a bum backa hack drove a caband a burgral was a macmodems, chat rooms, dos and dotsa mouse in your pad, that’s why we had catsnowadays... You need a degree from mitto operate your own tvi used to find a channel quickerwhen all you needed was one clickerlisten, I don’t mean to bickerbut now my clicker has a clickerand each new clicker makes me sickerif I could only find a clickerto turn all the clickers off!!!
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Clicker Blues Lyrics

Barbra Streisand – Clicker Blues Lyrics

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