It might be madness
Or it might be love
One sleight of your hand
I lose what I was thinking of
I think of oceans
I think of trees
When you lose sight of that edge
You know you're in too deep
But it's like trying to run under water
I wish I'd stopped at the border 'cause it's
Deep country
Deep country I'm in
Deep country here with you
My mind's half empty
And my heart's half full
If I showed the dark side of this soul
Would you still feel it's pull
Sometimes it's too much responsibility
Let's make a deal
And you stay you and I'll stay me
But it's like trying to run under water?
I'm a stranger to this land
The lines on your face
I know by heart
If I trace them back
Would I find where you end
And where I start
You lose perspective
Up this close
No fear of flying
It's just falling that scares me the most
But it's like trying to run under water?
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Deep Country Lyrics

Barbara Kessler – Deep Country Lyrics