I was born on a farm were my mom milked the cattle
A jug full of corn was my first baby rattle
I could ride a tractor before I could ride a bike

My very first date took me to the theater
That boy's biggest dream was to grow the best 'tater
But I wanted to be more than a farm hand's wife

So I packed up my bags and I headed for the water
They all waved goodbye to the farmer's daughter
I was settin' sail for the best time of my life!

Now I'm picking apples at the Sistine chapel
Bailin hay on the Champs Elysee
I'm a country girl in every country of the wooorld!

Now I'm shuckin corn where Shakesphere was born
And I'm eatin grapes at the Great Pyramids
I'm a country girl in every country of the woooorld!
I'm just a country girl in every country ooooff
The wooooooorld
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Country Girl Lyrics

Bailey Picket – Country Girl Lyrics

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