Written by babyface, emanuel officer, ralph stacy (1999)Performed by k-ci & jojotell me he didn’t break your hearttell me he didn’t lie to youtell me there’s no way that he set you uptell me there’s no way that you let him use youyou’d think by now you’d know him by all his signsso how could you be a foolgirl, here he comes againtelling lies to yougirl, here he comes againto break your heartfind out you know he’s no goodso when will you learnhe’s nothing but a userit’s not my place to say what to dobut I just can’t stand when love abuses youhe’s never gonna changehe enjoys seeing you in so much painso little girl get up off your facehold your head up highand tell him that you’re throughhookgirl, I know you want mei see the look in your eyesall you have to do is ask medon’t think you’re wasting your timei am yours if you want meall you have to do is tell medo you want medo you want himlook behind your backhe’s comin’ againhook 3 times
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Here He Comes Again Lyrics