Savage is a heavy metal band from Mansfield, United Kingdom.

The band is more well remenbered by their song "Let it Loose", a track made significant impact on the early 1980s metal scene and would later give name to their first album - 1983's "Loose and Lethal" - Nowadays, consindered a NWOBHM classic.

The group was formed on 1976 by 15 year old bass player Chris Bradley, vocalist Chris Gent, guitarist Lee Statham and drummer Mick Percival - After 9 months and only one official gig the group disbanded, only to be resurrected on 1979 by Chris Bradley (bass, and now also vocals) and brother Simon Bradley (drums), gathered by guitarists Andy Bradbury and Andy Dawson.

On 1980 they released their first demo tape, and finally on 1981 they managed to release what would be their most classic song "Let it Loose", on a NWOBHM compilation called "Scene of the Crime". This song was indeed pretty heavy for its time, with a sound bordering on speed and thrash, and that influenciated many bands to be louder and heavier. In fact, there is a 1982 demo tape of Metallica covering this song.

On 1982 Ebony Records picked up the band. Their first work for Ebony was still a track for the label compilation called "Metal Fatigue". The reviews were good and ebony decided to release two new Savage tracks as a 7" Single, resulting on great sales. Of course that the next step would be an album, and that happened the next year for their debut "Loose And Lethal".

Although being an impressive unit, receiving compliments from magazines, fans, and bands.. Savage lacked support, since small label Ebony did not know how to promote them beyond semi-pro levels.

On 1984 they quit Ebony and joined label Zebra Records, and quickly dived into an european tour with acts such as Venom, Metallica, and others. On the end of the year they released their first work for Zebra, the 12" EP "We Got the Edge", but the magic was gone, and the different sounding follow up album "Hyperactive", did not helped either. By the middle of the 1980s Savage was pretty much dead.

But the group would be resurrected again by 1995, this time by guitarrist Andy Dawson and have released quite a few album since, to limited fanfare.

Even though their last work was 2000's "Xtreme Machine", the band is still active to the day.

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