Damnation of the Living

You're so very blind, fucking up each others lives
You've got no fucking time to understand you're fate
Damnation of the living, a hellcrust on Earth
Countdown to meltdown, the masters crush the peasants

Damnation of the living

Victims to the fireball, slaughter from the skies
Choke on your ignorance. You realised to late
The door's locked from the inside, you're left out in the cold
Enola's bastard offspring. Death from above

Damnation of the living

Forever and a day, blinded to your fate
Now tomorrow beckons the lessons to late
A thousand suns shatter in red skies
No realisation of the oncoming genocide

You're so very blind the masters plot your death
Wake up to your fate. Nuclear death threat
Damnation of the living. Watch the peasants burn
The rich massacre all. Now the reaper takes his turn
You are the carnage the system will create
Countdown to shutdown
Fight back. Avoid your fate
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Damnation Of The Living Lyrics

Axegrinder – Damnation Of The Living Lyrics