You never been this way no no

Ah ah ah I'm laughing cause these niggaz all game and no bars or should I
Say balls ha ha ha
Aye where my real niggaz that want to hear some real rhymes at?
So yall want play baseball huh... Aight, lets go

I'm bout to run
K I just landed first base imagine when I take it home
Wanna be an ass my foot the air georgia dome
Everybody in lakeland rapping cash, cars and clothes
I tried that route it wasn't for me cause they rookie no pros

They all feel intimidation, cause I took 2nd base and, all careers should
Be erased then,
Like a gator, body, lake and, when I rap this is I aint faking, better yet
I feel like making
A hott track, yall niggaz aching, but I'm bringing home the bacon

All I know is I aint sweating it cause destined to win
Like the length that made her famous natalie nunns chin
I'm willy wonka niggaz want my gold say "lend me your hen"
I would give these niggaz pointers but um none of ya friends
Some call me avias but you can call me the greatest
Making music that's so blazing many call it the latest
All you wanna be rappers think it's time that I switch ya
Cause yall might be running things but guess what I'm the pitcher

Don't nobody wanna hear that 50's music crap"

[Verse 2:]:
Another strike just aint an option so I hit a grand slam
Got all these thugs attention now music, car, speakers, bam
Yo dawg my lyrics so sick think they need a vet
I don't worry bout promotion they like wireless internet
Niggaz be want-ing me to fall but my head stay to the sky
Record companys calling my music one syllable "buy"
I make music, yall try, the crowds they choose it, yall why
I'm bout to land on third base hit a homerun, goodbye
Here we go again, dodging, dodging, dodging to win
Yall niggas are whack, throw ya lyrics up in the air swang a bat

Who is the next batter, as long as I am in the game don't none of it matter
Flow so fast I be riding, come through you bases to the home run yo um

Never been this way no no (2x's)

Niggaz be up on that pie crap, they better tighting up
Better shine, make me blind, niggaz better lighting up
Cause I'm coming while they sleeping yo my career morphing
I'm bout to show em the true me you can call me the orphan
I'm bout to make crowds buzz like an electric chair
Everytime I drop a song, they hair rise and stop and stare
They be talking stupid junk then they think that they ripped
Uh uh, heck nawl, I call it tales from the crypt

When my feet hit stage gone and crown me king
Aint worried bout the cash I am the value chi ching
I get my fanz a nice selections like menu's at fu lings
Then I invite to my venues hit the stage looking clean
Hataz come a dime a dozen so block them out
Showing love, fans supporting is what I'm all about
Why did avias have to rap, cause it was a drought
Of real rappers, nice rhymes, coming out of mouths

863 polk county all day everyday

I just scored ahomerun yes!
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Baseball Lyrics

Avias – Baseball Lyrics