Call me
When somethings going on inside your home
I'll pick you up and carry you to my throne
Cause for you baby I'll do anything
Cause I love the joy you bring

Just call on me
When you need someone to touch you babe, hold you close
Call on me
Girl you need someone to be right there and won't let go
Just call on me
Baby call on me, you can come with me
Just call on me, I'll be waiting for your answer babe

Call on me,
Cause the relationship we have will never end
I will be your lover and your friend
It doesn't matter how long it will be
I gotta get you home, girl pick up the phone

Or just 2way me, we can get away
If only for one night, can we spend the night
I want to change your mind, I want to make you mine
No more wasting time, please believe it


Girl please

Call me,
Baby if you're wrong or if you're right
It could be, morning noon or night
You can wake me up out of my sleep,
Cause you should never be lonely, baby

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Call On Me Lyrics

Avant – Call On Me Lyrics

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