Hold on you don't have much time
Find a nosebleed seat when the worlds collide
Cause there's something coming from outer space
And I've got everything bet on the ace of spades

Harmageddon it's the end of time
Say your last haiku and make shure it rhymes
Cause while nuclear winter makes your volvo rust
You'll be spending forever as a handful of dust

Harmageddon it's a soathing oil
You get a green glowing dinner and a pocket of soil
And if you close your eyescause you had to much
You've seen nothing but the creatures that are eager to touch

And if you turn your face to the scorching sun
You wont be spending your life at the barrel of a gun

Harmageddon it's a desert land

Cool down you don't have a clue
About things evolving and eating you
But when the night is glowing in the color of snot
You can run with the extra pair of legs you got

End of time there's not much to tell
You get a one way ticket to the depths of hell
And while nuclear waste makes a stain on your shirt
You'll be spending forever as a handful of dirt
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Harmageddon Lyrics

Auto-auto – Harmageddon Lyrics