You’ll never know, how much I miss those eyes
I’ll never show, you’ll keep it televised
I’m not surprised, mesmerized by your design
Step inside my home is fine, catching up your so behind
So many lines impossible to read, it feeds deception
Every fact of matter, climb your ladder, endlessly you mention
New perception mending mine, mind is gone the world so new to me
This brightness in my eyes, not realized, it can’t get through to me cause
Your standing in the way, your standing in the way (you’re in the way) (2x)
To open eyes, obstruction lies where you reside
I can decide, to end it all or let you slide
You build my high, just enough to let me down
It’s by design, probably why I keep you round
(Verse 2)
Just move from there, like whose gone care
Every minute that you miss, gonna come around I swear
Can’t you leave it going on, won’t it sing a different song
Am asking for too much, is there more that bullshit going on?
Non admittance of an issue no retention for them here
Off the wheel, time to heal, why don’t you let fate steer
Cure the ignorance with more of it, supporting no variety
So much that I can miss, and I will, it’s not subsiding see your
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Technicolor Lyrics

A.Tone Da Priest – Technicolor Lyrics