(Verse 1)
I’m falling faster in my mind (and slowly wasting all my time)
Into a massive pool of miss decision
I can’t decide I’m going blind (What I don’t seek I cannot find)
Can someone tell me what’s the goal of this mission?
I’m impatiently running round with nowhere left to go
Am I going the right direction guessing, I don’t really know
Keep on waiting for my answers but they never come to show
I’m so tired of not knowing, what she tells me always go
Make up your fucking mind; make up your fucking mind
Make up your fucking mind, make up your fucking mind, make up you fucking mind (2x)
(Verse 2)
I cannot decide, if I’m just wasting my time, is there something wrong with mine
With too much pressure I resign, I am fine
Fine with doing nothing, while you’re always up to something
Have the same old discussion bout you simply had enough man I’m puffing
Complacency made me my worst enemy
I don’t fucking know, every time I say these words she screams
King of indecision
I am lost I’ve got no mission
With my friends I create distance
Cause I do not think on my own
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King Of Indecision Lyrics

A.Tone Da Priest – King Of Indecision Lyrics