(Verse 1)
Mother Nature rears her head and blossoms from her breast
A smaller spirit the embodied mess delivered from the nest
In love with freedom when it barely knows alternatives
Something out there better that’s the only thing for certain
If I lose my soul tomorrow, at least I'll have a face
In the million eyes that emptied me from this space
The waters wasted on thirst, a self-inflicted emptiness
And trapped inside a maze no escape our time was meant for this
I know, I know, I know the pain (3x)
It drains, it drains
She lives inside a commune, the prison of her mind
She whistles to her own tune, so terrified of time
(Verse 2)
She so pretty, and lives in self denial
She know she’s ugly deep inside sees it in her child
Photographs immortalize the insecure at nature
Knowing living in the past will get you erased or
Maybe you can save yourself, the mirror got some plans
To doll and degrade tryna make yourself a fan
Of your displeasure, a place you cannot stand
Just sit inside your misery, be happy who thy am cause
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Commune Lyrics