(Verse 1)
A is for anarchy, be the man you want to be
See the strong fall as they all become your enemies
Standing with some friends of me, crusaders of injustice
We must all make a change the world’s impaired we must adjust
(Bridge 1)
Stand up tall before you fall (Why don’t you just)
Give me a piece, I want I wall (And I ain’t tryna wait)
People are sad, people are dying
The government is mad, the leaders are weak
The war is hungry, and money is an object we should not seek
(Verse 2)
Destruction erupting, in the streets
It doesn’t have to end like this, where is your belief
Hopes decrease, where it all go
You need to fall to your knees get down on the floor
(Bridge 2)
I ain’t no liberal, more like individual
They call me criminal, but that’s a god damn lie (2x)
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A Is For Anarchy Lyrics