Nighttime crashes down on me
I lost everything
I failed miserably
All these things I can't complete
They encompass me
They bark at my feet

And the days go by
Without warning or reply
And these moments pass me by endlessly

If I live for a hundred years
I'll still want you here
I'll still need you dear
Let me whisper in your ear
Let me love you now
Before we disappear

And if these things pass
I would break the hourglass
Just to make the moment last for you
And if I had one wish
I would take us both from this
To a place where only you and I exist

But this life crashes down on me
If I lose you this time I lose everything
And one day when my ship comes in
I'll miss you my darling
You were my best friend
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Hourglass Lyrics

Athenaeum – Hourglass Lyrics