Thunder peels a nervous sky
Trumpets blare calling doom
Procession of solemn winged
To douse the flames of sacred life
Aquito auster aurora occasus
Heavens mired reflection in bowls of filth
And the plagues pour forth
Hail fire blood
Mountains fume unto expanse
Locust echo scorpion's sting
Angelic symphony
We cower
Never ending time
Surrender man unkind
Fall, tremble before the gathering storm
Dread of enigma and ordained darkness

Hollow imprecation
Craven hearts
Bereft of concord and sanguine light
Lust for your plight
Evoke atomic estrangements
And sundered minds resigned
Inditing ruins design
Sheep summon wolves
Throats bared to manifest the end
Quietus transcend
Canon fodder
White sepulcher
Never ending time
Surrender delusion
No kingdom comes
Thy wilt not be done
Craven cult
I know thy works
The faith upheld
I hold against thee
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Whited Sepulcher Lyrics

Asunder – Whited Sepulcher Lyrics