A perfect day
Or so I say
From where
I'm standing
This roller-coaster ride
Fate will decide
The ending

Love everlasting
Or lost on the way
The smiles
And the frowns
The ups and downs
Of fortune turning
The twists and turns
The lessons learned
The bridges burning

Nights to remember
And never forget

Go, seize the day
Wake up and say
This is an
Extraordinary life
Enjoy today
Come what may
This is an
Extraordinary life

I gave it all
My cards have fallen
But I'm still alive
And in the end
Believe my friend
I will survive

Glory and heartache
And some of the joy


All of the good times
And all of the bad
Responsibility is totally
Mine I know
I rightly stand accused
But I believe
That I can change
I can change my world

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An Extraordinary Life Lyrics

Asia – An Extraordinary Life Lyrics