Red Line Relaying On Time
In A New World Of Light
Against The Earth Nothing Is False
Going Down, Down, Down
Take Time It? S A Piece Of My Mind Who? S Talking
Send To Her Line My Question Of Time About Lovers
She? S Looking For Signs On Shadows Of Nights From Nowhere
But I Think She Doesn? T Know That I? M Living Like A God Without Her
Red Line Spending Our Time
In A Strange Blue Fear
The Mothers Of Love Are Crying For You
Going Down, Down, Down
Take Breath There Are Forty-Four Sounds In My Head
Try To Find Out The Secret Of Dancers Seasons
I? M Looking For Lives Caught In The Spell Of Nightmares
But She Wove Her Thoughts To Give Us An Unable Reason
Calling You I? M Falling In Love
Everywhere I Dare To Go
Always Lost Sometimes Free
It? S Your Wold I Can? T Be In
Red Line Confusion Or Crime
In A Shout Of Disgrace
Between Our Sunrise A Ray Of Hope Blows
Going Down, Down, Down
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Red Line Lyrics

Asha – Red Line Lyrics