And you don't stop

[ VERSE 1 ]

Rappers grow, develop flows, do shows, get hoes

Make it big, then start steppin on toes

But you missed one, mine, now you can't last

Step on my toe, you get ten toes up that ass

Don't even think about tryin some snake shit

Okay, today we're talkin about fake shit

Was it a friend or colleague, tell me what was it?

You flipped your script when you got your bullshit budget

You went gold and can't speak no more

Fuck you, your crew, and your fuckin tour

Poppin shit behind my back, time to get got

The penalty for that is five to ten speed-knots

I'm here to bully and bogart, I hit hard

Set em up to get wet up, dump em in somebody's yard

Tie em up and make em squeel

The last three words he hears is 'keep it real'

Keep it real

And you don't stop

(And I'ma let you know)

Keep it real

(Probably a punk)

[ VERSE 2 ]

Industry rule number 4080-one

(If you come to battle, bring-bring a shot-shotgun)

I hate the fake, if you perpatrate, flee

Time to wreck shop, and all you can do is stop speakin to me

MC's that get too big for their britches

End up in stitches or gettin robbed for their fuckin riches

Forgot where you came from, gased up

Go back to your old block and niggas smack that ass up

You know the rules, challenge him to a rap scrimmage

Sha said (Yo, 'Pache chill, that's just his image

And shit) So I chill and won't say shit, see

No bull, I got pull, only a handful can fuck with me

Bringin mysery is my mission in '93

So be nice and think twice before steppin to me

Tie him up and make him squeel

The last three words he hears is 'keep it real'

[ VERSE 3 ]

Some new fame is like a flame, let me explain

It can blaze for days, then it's out, but who's to blame?

You, or is it the things you do or did?

In fact, sometimes I think back to when I was a kid

Times were hard, I got harder

Couldn't afford a 40, so you didn't wanna be bothered

Wouldn't pass a spliff, couldn't get a lift

Started runnin with the Flavor U and got swift

Now you come around talkin that 'we boys' shit

The way I live, I forgive, but I don't forget

Tie him up and make him squeel

The last three words he hears is 'keep it real'
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Keep It Real Lyrics

Apache – Keep It Real Lyrics

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