Lost inside the pattern
Of those who'll never matter
Speak to you of freedom, rage is getting fatter
Empty as your beer can
Crush me you're a mad man
Hanging on to history of hate in your hand

What can I say
To pull you from behind?
What can I say
To make you change your mind?

I know what you're thinking
You believe in nothing
Hollow eyes say you're not whole
And you're not bluffing

Now we can't ignore you
Now we can't afford to
Standing on your chest are those that go before you


Your anger looks so ugly like a handprint in the icing
On one more forgotten birthday of the child no one noticed
Lay the belt upon the table
Hope for punishment
That's better than the silence that surrounds you
And the love that never found you

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What? Lyrics

Antigone Rising – What? Lyrics

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