Driving down a dark road
On the last night of his life
Michael's in the back seat
Thinking every thing's alright
He was young, and so invincible

The radio was blasting
In the car he got from dad
Tail lights in the distance
Are the last of him I have
And it's all so inconceivable

When they told me you were gone
Hated God for what he'd done
I'm trying hard to understand
And I know I shouldn't want this to be
Someone else instead of you
I thought you were so invincible

Four o'clock in the morning
Before the break of dawn
Michael left forever
From the town where he was born
And I woke up crying, 'cause I knew you were gone

And it hurts to miss you everyday
Feeling never goes away
I'm trying hard to understand
And I drive the streets we grew up on
I can't believe it's been that long
I thought we were so invincible

I want to change the way the story goes
Why can't it have a happy ending?

Driving down a dark road
On an endless summer's night
Michael's in the back seat
And he makes it home alright

And at night he whispers in my ear
Hear his voice so loud and clear
He tries to help me understand
That he'll always be right by my side
A part of him will never die
That's what made him so invincible
So invincible, so invincible, alright
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Michael Lyrics

Antigone Rising – Michael Lyrics

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