Always thought you wouldn't love me just the way I am
So I tried to satisfy you, I didn't understand
How misguided I was in my search to know your love

I was working hard in all the wrong ways
Living life chaotically never sitting at your feet
'Till you taught me the true meaning of grace

Be still, there is peace in your arms I am free
My heart is all you want from me

So I will be still, hey, yeah, hey, hey

It's so crazy yet so amazing, now I finally see
I tried to do my best for you when all you wanted was me
You saw right through my foolishness, never loved me any less
Waiting with your arms opened wide

Now, I'm no longer afraid
I know your love for me won't change
It took me so long but now I've realized


Here I am, distractions aside
Wanting you to change my life
I'm resting in your relentless love
I've finally found that you are enough
Hey, hey yeah, yeah, yeah


Oh, I will be still


Be still, hey, yeah, be still, hey, yeah
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Be Still Lyrics

Anthony Evans – Be Still Lyrics

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